Re: “Outcomes of Scenario Stories – Implications for the Internet Governance Debate and for the IGF.”

Regarding the scenario where governments come to the rescue of the Internet. Thanks for presenting this. Great doomsday scenario [1]. Luckily with the "signing of the root" last week I believe we are on the path to rebuilding consumer trust in on-line e-commerce and other transactions in a cooperative way that will avoid "islands". It may have taken a decade but the bottom-up cooperative [2] nature of the Internet has once again proven itself key to the development of this global resource (DNSSEC), this time resulting in a global authentication platform for a whole new range of innovative, borderless, security solutions. I note that lively product development discussions are heating up as we speak. Thanks for sharing your presentation. I hope it goes well.


[1] I was fortunate enough to be drafted into one of these exercises in Hyderabad and found it enlightening.
[2] We designed a process that directly involves 21 representatives from the Internet community - 18 of which are non-US - that expended their own resource or resources from their communities to be a part of formal Key Ceremonies (6/16 and 7/12) to generate a "root key" we can all trust.

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