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Less than 60 days remain until the 10th Internet Governance Forum in Joao Pessoa, Brazil

On behalf of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) I would like to extend the official invitation from the United Nations Secretary-General which cordially invites and encourages all stakeholders to participate in the upcoming 10th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, being held this year in the beautiful coastal city of João Pessoa, Brazil. IGF 2015 takes place at a turning point in the history of Internet governance. The ten-year review of the WSIS is an opportunity to set a forward-looking vision for the Information Society, but also to discuss the renewal of the IGF’s mandate. Furthermore, with the Sustainable Development Summit, this year offers a unique opportunity for the community to articulate the value of ICTs and the Internet in supporting a people-centric and development oriented Information Society. Many of these issues will be at the heart of the IGF’s discussions. Towards IGF 2015 Outputs This year some innovative processes are under way, leading to tangible outputs: ‘Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion’ exercise, which aims to create better synergies and create linkages between the IGF and National and Regional IGF initiatives that are mushrooming around the world. The process that has been put in place by the MAG strives to produce a community driven, bottom-up developed IGF output. It is direct response to the recommendation of the UN CSTD Working Group on improvements of IGF that called for more tangible outcomes from IGF. Information on how to contribute to this initiative in a variety of ways can be found here. IGF Best Practice Forums (BPFs) are working to produce diverse outputs intended...

IGF-USA 2015 Re-Cap

By Susan Chalmers I had the pleasure of attending the IGF-USA 2015. The event saw over 300 participants gather to discuss a broad array of Internet Governance and policy topics. From the WSIS+10 Process to policy issues relevant to the Internet of Things, from the IANA transition to cyberbullying and the politics of innovation, the IGF-USA program had something in store for newcomers to Internet Governance and veterans, alike. The day’s schedule had an excellent flow – testament to the experience and expertise of the IGF-USA multistakeholder advisory planning committee. Following welcoming remarks from the organizers, Assistant Secretary of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration Larry Strickling gave a keynote address during which he explained the strength and the appropriateness of the multistakeholder approach to policy development for Internet-related issues. Reaffirming that the NTIA supports multistakeholderism in practice and in theory, Strickling noted that the Administration would soon be engaging in a series of multistakeholder policy consultations, including on privacy best practices for the private and commercial use of drones. Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker then took the stage for a keynote conversation with POLITICO technology reporter Nancy Scola. To the delight of the audience, Crocker opened with an anecdote about meeting Cerf in high school German class, in the 1950s. The two young men then formed an extracurricular math club with their high school colleagues. Cerf and Crocker covered a number of different topics broad and finite with Scola – from the scalability of the Internet’s architecture, to IPv6 adoption, to details around ICANN’s new gTLD program – before welcoming questions from the audience. Keynote remarks...

Meeting Agenda 7.10.15

Intro and welcome   Registration Update: 475 Registrations   Social Media – Shout out to the Social Team and call for more IGF-USA Social Rangers @IGFUSA2015   Call for Volunteers   Run of Program, Updates   Tasks to Finish   Open Discussion...

Agenda and Remote Info for 6/22

Agenda Status of Keynotes Status of Panels Open Discussion Remote Participation Info Topic: IGF-USA Planning Meeting Time: Jun 12, 2015 11:00 AM (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: Or join by phone: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 663 803 461 International numbers available: Or join from a H.323/SIP room system: Dial: (US West) or (US East) Meeting ID: 663 803 461 That gives us 8 Workshops and a Plenary Panel Proposed Panels [Cybersecurity and Trust]      Encryption, Backdoors, Security and Privacy– Panel covering Law enforcement, surveillance, backdoors, encryption and security. Encryption, Backdoors, and Internet Security” loop in david snead, reach out to chris painter’s office for int’l aspects [Internet Economy]      The Politics of Disruption: Can the Internet Spur Too Much Innovation? Since the birth of the Internet, we have heard about the amazing benefits of the new services that the Internet will provide, and indeed social media, e-commerce, even online dating have changed the way billions of people live, work, and play. But a growing number of critics are asking whether our Digital Society is giving us too much data and too many distractions. Is it possible that too much innovation can be a bad thing? That the Internet is both increasing and decreasing productivity? How can Internet users sort the useful apps from the useless ones? How can we better manage our most valuable assets, our time and attention? Can the Internet help? Can we make the Internet and information technology easier to use and manage? Will...

Agenda for call  5.22.15

Keynotes Confirmed Vint Cerf is confirmed!!! Kathy Novelli Larry Strickling Not yet confirmed Megan Smith Kathy Brown Others? Social media Social media activities are underway: @igfusa2015 please engage! Finance Fundraising has begun Panels We need 10 panel topics defined with lists of suggested panelists. We have 3 thus far. We are working off of this Google Doc. It is up to the Admin Committee to oversee the panel topic volunteers to help complete this step. All relevant participants should provide an ETA on completing this step. Topic teams Cybersecurithy and Trust David Vyorst/Shane Tews one topic defined Internet Economy Shane Tews/Mike Nelson nothing defined  Openness and Free Expression (Includes Inclusiveness & Diversity; and Internet & Human Rights) Susan Aaronson/Robert Guerra no topics defined Critical Internet Resources  Steve DelBianco/Stephanie Duchesneau 1 panel topic defined Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation  Marilyn Cade/Judith Hellerstein 1 topic defined  Emerging Issues  Jonathan Zuck/Steve DelBianco/Dan Caprio no topics defined  Connecting the Next Billion  Cheryl Miller/Garland McCoy no topic defined...

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